Class Updates

March 9-12

Earthquake structure (structure and written part due Monday 9th)

Volcanoes (lesson notes)

Test Review 

Plate Tectonics Unit Test (Thursday 12th)

March 2-6

Mantle convection lab (due Tuesday 3rd)

Plate boundary types (lesson notes)

Modelling plate boundaries lab

Boundary map questions (due Friday 6th)

Earthquakes lesson and building structures

February 24-27

Earthquakes/tsunamis (movies, notes, discussion)

Earth's layers and Earth's crust (video, lesson notes, understanding check questions)

Taking up assignments from previous week

February 17-20

Chemistry Unit Test (Monday 17th)

Pangaea Map Activity (due by Monday 24th)

Guided Web search of Local Geological Event (due by Monday 24th)

Earthquakes/tsunamis (movies, notes, discussion)


February 10-14

Atoms, Forces, and Elementary Particles (lesson notes, practice sheets)

Atom Model Assignment (due Monday 17th)

Test Review (Jeopardy, review handout)

February 3-7

Quiz review

Matter and Kinetic Molecular Theory Quiz (Tuesday 4th)

History of the atomic theory (sort activity and class notes)

Build an Atom Simulation (assessment component due Feb 7)

January 27-31

Inquiry Quiz (Monday 27th)

Matter. Density, Physical and Chemical Changes (lesson notes and practice sheets)

States of matter and kinetic molecular theory (lesson notes, demos, and pop can activity)

January 20-24

Introduction and classroom procedures

Scientific Inquiry terminology and skills

Gummy bear lab (due Friday 24th)


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